2017 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Enilda Romero-Hall

Dr Enilda Romero-Hall image

Note it on your calendars now!

November 11, 2017 CFTESOL Conference – Keynote speaker Dr. Romero-Hall will discuss:

Empowering Learners through the Ethical Application of #EdTech in the TESOL curriculum

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The keynote will discuss the various ways in which TESOL educators can empower learners through the ethical implementation of educational technologies in the classroom. This keynote will provide a historical perspective of educational technology in teaching and learning. Educational technology resources and processes have evolved over time. Today the educational technology field provides innovate ways in which a curriculum can be transformed to maximize learning opportunities. Ethical application of educational technology today such as open educational resources, learning analytics, Web 2.0 tools, and other digital learning resources will be presented in a TESOL context.


Dr. Enilda Romero-Hall is an Assistant Professor of Education and the Graduate Coordinator of the Instructional Design and Technology master program at The University of Tampa.  Dr. Romero-Hall obtained her Ph.D. in Education with a concentration in Instructional Design & Technology from Old Dominion University. As part of her doctoral studies, Dr. Romero-Hall completed a Certificate in Modeling & Simulation in Education and Training. Dr. Romero-Hall is a Link Foundation Fellowship recipient. During her doctoral studies, she was awarded an Advanced Simulation and Training Fellowship and the Old Dominion University Darden College of Education Dissertation Fellowship. In her research, Dr. Romero-Hall is currently exploring topics related to web- and computer-based instruction and learning. Her specific research interests include: the design and development of multimedia instruction, exchanges in human-computer interaction, the affordances of online social communities, and the design of hybrid and online education.


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